Car Parking With Lift Direct Access To Guest's Room

Lobby-Front Parking

       Free : Premium Room Type Only (Premium Super Single, Premium Queen & Premium Family Suite)

        Google map location :

 On-Site Dana 1 Basement Parking

       Fee : Using Self TnGo Card for Superior Super Single, Superior Queen & Deluxe Queen Room Type

       Hourly: 1st Hour is RM2, Subsequent Hour is RM1, Daily Max RM12.1

        Google map location :

       Note : To enter the car park TnGo minimum balance required is RM10, otherwise you may top-up your TnGo card at the 7-11 convenient store opposite the back of the hotel.


Parking at the Dana 1 basement car park is generally safe and secure because Dana 1 Commercial Centre is a guarded community, there are guards patrolling the centre 7 x 24 hrs.

At the basement car park, for convenience purpose please park your car near to the hotel lift or hotel staircase which are directly under the hotel lobby. There are big Z Hotel LED signages outside the hotel lift, you will not miss it from far away after you entered the basement car park.

Hotel lift will access directly to the hotel room and hotel lobby, so for security purpose, you required a room card to use the basement hotel lift. You will only get a room card after you checked-in at the kiosk outside the lobby at the ground floor. Before check-in, you can only use the hotel staircase next to the hotel lift and no room card is required to access the hotel staircase.

Free hotel parking is available for Premium Room Type only in front of the hotel lobby and it is limited to 1 car per room. For Superior Room & Deluxe Room Type, guests are required to park their cars at the basement beneath the hotel. After checked-in, guest may use the lift to access directly to their hotel room. Unauthorized parking at Premium Parking lot will be charged and the fees will be billed to your room.

The basement car park is run by a private company named Park Here Sdn Bhd, and they provide about 3,000 parking lots for public parking. 


Lift Direct Access